We are Open Year Round



Most frequent questions and answers

 No, at this time we do not start enrolling until a child is 18 months of age. 

Yes, we are open year round. We close for major holidays, the week of Christmas and the week of Independence Day. 

We are a preschool program that offers both traditional morning preschool schedules, as well as nontraditional full day preschool schedules. We believe that learning can happen at any hour of the day, and it is not restricted to between 9:00 am – noon! We also believe that all children deserve to experience the benefits of a quality preschool program, and sometimes strictly traditional preschool program schedules leave  families out due to their work schedules. 

Our play based curriculum is aligned with the Rhode Island Early Learning and Development Standards (RIELDS).  Our day allows time for indoor and outdoor explorations, small and large group activities, and is guided by the seasons as well as the interests and abilities of the children. While our program is play based, there is intentionality behind each change to the environment, activity, and lesson that the teachers plan.

Our tuition covers all of our activities, visitors, snacks, and special events.