We are Open Year Round

Why Choose Us?

Onsite Dedicated Owner/Director

Mrs. Jen has 20 years of experience working in early childhood education and she is onsite daily to ensure smooth operation of the center, support staff, and to be there for families if they have questions or concerns.

Play Based and Child Led

Research has shown that children learn best though play! Our program is designed to promote autonomy, exploration and most importantly joy for each child. Our play-based lesson plans are individualized and are aligned to the Rhode Island Early Learning Development Standards (RIELDS.com). “… play is not treated as a specific standard to be met but as the primary means by which children demonstrate early learning accomplishments. It is through play that children learn the skills, knowledge, and dispositions that help support their success in later schooling.” Learning and connection is infused throughout every part of our day, including arrival, care routines and meal times, engaging each individual child where they are developmentally.

Family Communication

We communicate with families using the Brightwheel app which allows parents to know what their child is doing in real time, as well as receive pictures throughout the day. We also communicate through newsletters and offer a variety of school events every year to ensure families are connected to their child’s early learning experience.

COVID Safety

We engage in frequent handwashing and cleaning practices of toys and high touch surfaces throughout each day to ensure the health and safety of all. Our center is also equipped with an UV air filtration system that cleans the air coming into the building.

Attention to Safety and Security

We have thoughtfully developed emergency plans and procedures and continually reflect and refine these plans. Our doors are always secure and we have an internal camera monitoring system to ensure safety for all. At our center we require 100% of our staff to be CPR and first aid certified which is well beyond what is required by licensing. We also have a Zoll AED on premises.

Qualified Lead Teachers

We don’t just vaguely make this claim, we believe in full transparency. We have each teacher’s degrees, credentials and years of experience available for families to review and this information is proudly displayed on the bulletin board at the entrance to each classroom.

Commitment to Lifelong Learning

Our team is committed to taking professional development courses, attending conferences, and collaborating with colleagues in order to stay current in our practice and field.


Our brand-new exciting playground will not only will bring a smile to your child’s face and help your child to develop gross motor skills, but it also gives families the peace of mind knowing that the equipment is commercial grade and was professionally installed.

Commitment to Quality Improvement

We choose to participate with BrightStars (http://www.brightstars.org/) , our state’s Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS). Through this participation we will receive 3-hour classroom observations using the tools; Infant Toddler Environment Rating Scale and the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ITERS-3 and ECERS-3) and we will receive extensive, objective feedback and suggestions for improvement. We are committed to maintaining high quality practices related to group size, ratio, learning environment, inclusive practices, teacher qualifications, leadership qualifications, and family engagement that go well beyond what is required of basic state licensing.